Metadata Subcommittee

Charge Metadata Subcommittee (formerly CAGER):
The Metadata Subcommittee is a subcommittee of the Technical Services Planning Committee (TSPC). The Metadata Subcommittee is a forum for the sharing of information about the technical aspects of bibliographic control of and access to electronic/digital resources in all contexts, including shared library systems as implemented by the Florida Center for Library Automation (FCLA) and systems used for shared digital projects within Florida’s State University Libraries (SUL). The Metadata Subcommittee promotes coordination of metadata creation by drafting best practices and quality control standards without discouraging appropriate adaptations for local needs. The scope of the Subcommittee’s work includes traditional cataloging and metadata for digitization projects. Areas of concern include: 1) selection of appropriate metadata schema(s) and standards to be used in description; 2) selection of the best level of granularity for descriptive metadata; 3) drafting efficient workflows; 4) implementing collegial planning processes within and between institutions; 5) exploring the use and implications of established and new forms of metadata; 6) drafting quality control standards for purchased and locally created metadata. Membership of the Metadata Subcommittee consists of two voting representatives from each State University, one from traditional cataloging and one from digital projects metadata creation. The Metadata Subcommittee advises the TSPC and collaborates with other committees and subcommittees on planning in the area of providing effective access to electronic/digital resources. The Metadata Subcommittee sends any formal recommendations concerning its areas of responsibility to the SUL Directors via the main Technical Services Planning Committee.

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