How do I update a Committee Member on this website? (I am not a liaison)

To update a committee member on the CSUL website, you should contact the committee's liaison with the following information:

Your Name
Committee or Subcommittee
Who you are replacing
Your institution and address
Your email, phone and fax information
Will you be a voting member and/or committee chair

You may send the appropriate person an email (see below) or send the information to CSUL-WEB-SUPPORT-L@LISTS.UFL.EDU.

Allison Howard TSPC (backup liaison)

Barbara Lewis DISC

Barbara Tuck OPAC

Cathy Martyniak SSTF

Charles Gordon AUTH

LeEtta Schmidt ACCESS

Mary Page TSPC

Rachel Tait UBORROW

Raimonda Margjoni ACQ

Sabine Butler CPC (backup liaison)

Tara North ACQ (backup liaison)

Valerie Boulos CPC

You will also want to join the appropraite committee listserv. Please see the CSUL listserv page to explore the different listservs and their topics. This page describes listservs used by the CSUL committees, task forces, etc. There are also listservs that are maintained by FCLA to help with our communications. You can see these on the FCLA website Listservs page.

You may submit by email a request to join a list by following the instructions on that page. All requests will be reviewed by the listserv's owner. Some lists are only open to the committee the listserv represents.